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Trends in interior design are changing. Homeowners view their living space as sanctuaries, changing how they’re entertaining and looking for more compelling furnishings and accessories. One of the most significant trends is working at home and creating the perfect workspace.


Trends in Color

According to designer Tom Stringer, homeowners buy neutral, conservative colors in a slow economy. When the economy improves, bold colors are popular. Patterns and vibrant colors, including hunter green, bright blue, checks, plaids, and florals, are making a comeback.


New Work From Home Spaces

People working from home permanently and on a hybrid schedule make the home office the most significant change in home design. The ideal space is where you won’t be interrupted. Designers at Robert. A.M. Stern Architects say clients want rooms similar to small libraries with abundant cabinets. Whether the home office is a small nook or separate room, comfortable seating and inviting textures and colors are essentials.


What to Consider for Your WFH Space

The location of your office should be a space with minimal equipment to avoid clutter. A quiet nook with built-in shelving or bookcases is ideal. The color scheme should be relaxing, calming colors. Subtle shades of blue, green, or neutrals are preferable to colors that are too bright. Plenty of storage is essential for your home office to keep everything organized and avoid clutter. Stay focused and keep the decor to a minimum. You want your office to be functional and neat. Storage containers can keep everything organized if you don’t have shelving or a bookcase.


Colorful Kitchens

If you’re building a home or remodeling, you may consider bold colors as an alternative to all white. Warm, vibrant colors incorporating copper, gold and warm brown shades are an alternative. Gleaming tile floors in geometric patterns, stone for countertops and backsplashes, and bold materials, colors, and textures are trending.


Multifunctional and Environmentally Friendly

Single-use rooms are a thing of the past. New interior design trends include room dividers, platforms or lofts, and shelving to make use of all your space. Zen-style interiors feature surfaces that appear to float, light wood finishes, and clean, simple lines. The decor is natural, organic, and has a calming effect. Minimalist interiors are simple, uncluttered, and highlight the room’s purpose.