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Anne Marie Hamill

Interior Design

About Anne Marie Hamill

While Anne Marie Hamill began her career as a nurse, she eventually transitioned her career into a found personal passion: interior design. While that is not the most common career change, Hamill believes that the two careers are more similar than people realize. Anne Marie explains that – in interior design – you often have to deliver tough news and do so gently – much like in nursing. In order to achieve her vision, Hamill has to use the skills she obtained while working in the nursing field.

Hamill first began to fall in love with interior design when she moved to the United States when she was seventeen. Due to the specifications of her visa, she was unable to work while in the United States; as a result, Hamil had plenty of time on her hands to visit art museums and take art classes. 

When asked about her design philosophy, Hamill says that her focus is always on high-quality work and detailed craftsmanship. Initially, Hamill thought that people merely wanted beautiful rooms. As her experience grew, she realized that what people actually wanted is a home that speaks to who they are and their spirit. Anne Marie says, “Good design is like an excellent portrait. It tells the story of not just who you are, but it gives insight into your history and values.” Hamill goes on to explain that homes are the backdrops of our lives. Families nurture relationships, create memories, raise children, and so much more in their homes. Anne Marie Hamill takes the responsibility of designing homes very seriously. 

Anne Marie Hamill

Anne  Marie Hamill founded Hamilton Interiors in 2002. Hamilton Interiors is comprised of a group of highly creative designers specializing in residential homes. Hamill and the team at Hamilton Interiors focus on bespoke interior design, otherwise known as custom design,  or “made to order.”

Recently, Anne Marie was featured on the RTE hit show “My Showhouse” as one of only eight designers chosen from across the country. Hamill and her team have been working on fewer stand-alone projects lately and more additions to current spaces. Hamill believes that people are staying put due to the pandemic, and she has embraced the new course!

Anne Marie Hamill has an innate talent for interior design. Hamill aims to create beautiful and functional spaces for families.  Anne Marie and the team at Hamilton Interiors continue to impress clients with their beautiful creations. Hamill credits her success to her determination and passion for the industry. Follow Anne Marie here and at to keep up with her!