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When choosing an aesthetic for your home, one of the comfiest, classic and timeless looks you can go for is farmhouse decor. Here are some of our top tips for transforming your home into a cozy farmhouse feel!


Stay Neutral

Starting with the basics: when it comes to the farmhouse, neutral colors are your friends. When it comes to wall colors, stick to whites and greys. Bright colors will detract from the whole look and will be much harder to coordinate decorations with. A neutral backdrop will give you a clean, welcoming, and classic look and will go perfectly with any furniture you find.


Think Wood and Wire

Two staples of the farmhouse feel are wood and wire. Using wood decorations wherever you can gives you the barn door feeling inside. Choose wood wall hangings and small trinkets to add to the farm vibe. Think outside the box. Can you create a wood sign with your family’s name on it? Can you incorporate wood on the walls to create a barn-door-looking effect?


When it comes to storage, wire baskets are your best friend. They give this the industrial feel of the farmhouse looks without totally overpowering the room. They are also a great source of storage and will help tie your entire look together.


Thrifting and Antiquing are Your Friends

While trying to create a farmhouse look, you will have to get creative where you buy your furniture. Luckily, this may save you some money in the long run. Look for distressed wood and somewhat weathered-looking chairs and tables at places like your local thrift store or flea market. Check out antique stores to find pieces that capture the old-time vibe. Not all of your furniture for the room needs to match perfectly, but if you stick to the general old-school look and neutral colors, they should coordinate well. Don’t be afraid to mix old and classic pieces with new and different styles as well! The contrast will add a fun variety to your space.


All in all, when it comes to building your farmhouse-style home, get creative!